Monday, 11 January 2021

What is MCN for online heat transfer? Let's get to know it together!

 The word MCN recently wind is relatively large,in the end MCN what does it mean?I'll explain it to you today.

MCN full name Multi-Channel Network,is an exotic, is a kind of multi-channel network product form, PGC content together, with the strong support of capital, to ensure the continuous output of content, so as to ultimately achieve stable commercial monetization.

The value provided by MCN is broadly divided into two categories: information value and efficiency value.

Investment value of MCN project, they have: strong content judgment and production ability;the best have their own template, industrial production mechanism;at the same time there is a strong flow procurement ability, the flow has the same control as the faucet, can be achieved from both ends of the content production and consumption regulation, the formation of a match.At the same time, the company's service ability of the red people is also very important, to let the red people willing to knife and gun storage, ma put Nanshan, do a pure content producer, resulting in the ability to control the red people, which requires a very detailed and systematic service.

MCN's vertical industry choice is also worth talking about.In the video market has developed to this extent today, for MCN, the most realistic and most recognized by the capital market model must be in a vertical field to do deep,and then extend the successful experience to more market segments.From the difficulty of entering, select some popular areas will ensure the rapid expansion of the Red strong negotiation ability and traffic, but also bring a corresponding problem: popular areas,the value of traffic is very low, advertising and e-commerce monetization will encounter a lot of obstacles.

At present, China'S MCN institutions by the platform side of the policy support,as well as the blessing of capital, relying on the content production format and operation format, to provide professional incubation management services.Business forms are also more diversified,and the ways of monetization are more and more abundant.

Currently in the shake sound official star chart shown on the certification MCN institutions have 239, "2019 China MCN institutional value white paper" shows that as of late December 2019, the whole network platform MCN institutions have exceeded 100,000, but also continue to have new companies in the approach, and the main positions of these institutions are in the field of video, focused on Shake sound, fast hand, B station, microblogging, xiaohongshou APP MCN has nearly 80%.In addition to the transformation of new media content companies to MCN, some companies will cross-border to do MCN, from a link in the industrial chain directly into this field.

This is in line with the requirements of the platform, get the certification of MCN, there are some small companies, although there is no certification, but in fact is doing the work of MCN.They hang MCN bodies or survive in a wild state.This is some of the self-proclaimed Trade Union institutions,and the trade union is actually more good at Live and sea of tactics for IP to build the ability to continue to monetize the ability is relatively weak, but there are also a lot of trade unions are transforming MCN institutions.

From this MCN distribution map, the number of North Guangzhou and deep is certainly the most, Chengdu is also rising.From the content point of view, Beijing is more partial culture, Chengdu like to see beauty, Guangshen like to promote local culture.MCN institutions up to eight cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

Chengdu, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Changsha.Although the Northeast is rich in net red,but want to do master or want to do the account of the enterprise should still go to the southern city,because most of the content creators in the southern city.The core of this industry, in fact, is the content of the continuous output capacity,although the distribution of MCN institutions in the country is also more and more diversified,but according to the different geographical conditions of each city, each city has its own characteristics.

And the regular MCN agency corresponding to the Wild Master, what is the Wild Master?The definition of Wild Master is relative to the company's signing master,is to do the content of the natural growth of Master, there is no contract and any company institutions,or enterprises from the formation of a team incubation, no contract MCN institutions, such master compared to the agency master, there is a congenital deficiency from the gene.

Whether it is traffic support, platform rules, content continuous output,sources of funds, development direction, etc. are facing a variety of challenges, but the current format of the short video industry, it is precisely this kind of Wild Master the most.This year is expected to be a watershed for wild people, either affiliated institutions or transformed into institutions soaring, or give up and leave the industry.

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