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TikTok's most profitable 7 net red tell you:what do foreigners like?

 TikTok, as a platform with a surge in the number of users over the past year, has become the first social media for many young people around the world to start investing in video production.Than Instagram Instagram, TikTok content and audience groups are very different, and therefore the achievements of many of the first generation of TikTok Network red, although the United States President Trump for TikTok, plus Instagram also launched the latest short video feature Reels to compete with, all the way since the end of the battle TikTok did not lose the Z generation of its fanaticism.

Now TikTok on the first few network RED has a perfect monetization system,for cross-border e-commerce sellers,this part of the huge traffic can not be ignored, if you can find suitable for their own products TikTok Network red cooperation, it will bring good sales and brand gain for the product.

Therefore, today to share with you the most profitable TikTok net red, from Forbes published in 2019 TikTok highest income net Red List.Let's take a look at the amazing business value behind this controversial social software,and what features of the popular net red!

Seventh place: Michael Le

Michael Le has 41.9 million followers on TikTok.His videos, in addition to some dancing, often shoot some children's videos with his 5-year-old brother, and he set up his own TikTok community, after which he intends to enter Youtube.

  • Revenue: $ 1.2 million
  • Number of fans: 41.9 million
  • Sixth place:Spencer X

Spencer X became famous in beatbox,28-year-old he has been looking for musical cooperation opportunities, until settled in TikTok, from no one cares about the beatboxer became a network red with Uno, Oreo and Sony cooperation.

  • Revenue: $ 1.2 million
  • Number of fans:48.1 million
  • Fifth place: Josh Richards

Josh Richards arrived in TikTok last year, with dance, songs and lip-syncing videos quickly became popular, relying on the“restless boy”people set up quickly hot TikTok.He also founded the TikTok community Sway House with others, which is famous for gatherings and funny.And he also set up a number of companies, he also successfully realized his famous saying“net red to learn how to properly monetize“.

  • Revenue: $ 1.5 million
  • Number of fans:23 million
  • Fourth place: Loren Gray

The Barbie-like Online Red collaborated with Virgin Records in 2018,has since released eight singles,so far, she has accumulated a huge number of fans in TikTok, she has won a number of brands of cooperation.

  • Revenue: $ 2.6 million
  • Number of fans: 49.2 million
  • Third place: Dixie D ' Amelio

Dixie D'amelio is the sister of Charli D'amelio, both of whom moved from home to live in Los Angeles.In addition to the dance video, sister Dixie also developed her own music career,has released the single "Be Happy".The volume of play on the day of the release of the MV even surpassed the MV of Kanye West and Travis Scoft released on the same day.The sisters will also endorse Hollister, a popular brand for teenagers.

  • Revenue: $ 2.9 million
  • Number of fans: 43.4 million
  • 2nd place: Charli D ' Amelio

Charli D'amelio, who is in second place on the list, is the most watched online red on TikTok, currently up to 98.4 million.And also by dancing popular she is only 16 years old, has partnered with EOS beauty brand.Her fame has led her to be invited to the famous American host Jimmy Fallon's“Tonight Show”, and participated in Prada's autumn / winter fashion show.

  • Revenue: $ 4 million
  • Number of fans: 98.4 million
  • 1st Place: Addison Rae Easterling

19-year-old Addison Rae Easterling was a freshman at Louisiana State University a year ago, she began to love dance from an early age on TikTok dance video, by Funny Dance Now has 68.4 million fans.Advertising endorsements followed, including sports brand Reebok and watch brand Daniel Wellington.After becoming famous, she has dropped out of school to become a full-time net red, but also intends to launch her own personal beauty brand.

  • Revenue:5 million
  • Number of fans: 68.4 million

Whether the income of these bloggers makes you feel envious, the income from selling products is much better.But you can cooperate with these Network red bloggers, to create explosive models,you can also understand the local culture through them,learn their ideas and creativity,if you can, also hope that you bring Chinese culture to all corners of the world, the establishment of influential channels, cross-border e-commerce this thing is too complete!

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