Monday, 11 January 2021

Instagram marketing tools help stand alone out to sea!

 Instagram is a platform with more than 1 billion active users per month, where cross-border e-commerce can showcase their products and have the opportunity to find new consumers.However, such a good platform, also need to use some tools to achieve display, data analysis, marketing strategy optimization and coordination, to help sellers stand out from other competitors, so as to attract more traffic.

Instagram display tool

Instagram Instagram style and characteristics of distinctive, independent station sellers want to effectively use Instagram to display the brand. Most importantly, in the production of visual display Web page at the same time, clearly convey the brand image and value.

For example, use tools such as Snapseed, PhotoshopExpress, etc. to remove and optimize photo defects based on these tools.

With regard to the video presentation format, it is recommended to use a tool called BoomerangfromInstagram. You can quickly shoot video in the mobile terminal, you can also create GIFs in a series of photos and other forms of rapid distribution. The tool called HypeType includes a large font inventory and animation inventory. With this app, you can easily and quickly create captions for different parts of the video captured or uploaded by the app. When you're done, you can post the video to Instagram without leaving HypeType.

Sellers in the operation of Instagram, can actively communicate with fans, the use of relevant brands of topic tags, popular tags, etc., in order to increase attention and keep in touch with more people, Auto Hash uses artificial intelligence to identify objects in the image, and according to the identified object attention revision hashtag, to ensure that the post does not exceed the 30 tag limit.You can also save favorite hashtags to the app.In this case, it can also be pasted on the description and comment of the image.

Instagram analytics tool

1. TapInfluence

TapInfluence's platform analyzes a database of more than 50,000 people to help brands find products that are suitable for influencing activities.Businesses can search by industry or specific tags based on what their customers are looking for and provide snapshots of a variety of influencers, including rates and costs per engagement.TapInfluence also provides real-time benchmarking reports based on industry data to help brands understand how influencer activities overlap.

2. UnionMetrics

UnionMetrics is a powerful Instagram marketing intelligence platform that helps you track brand-owned media and industry trends. In addition to the full functionality of UnionMetrics, brands can also check with the platform's Instagram account for free. This check provides detailed reports, including top hashtags,most focused interests, and average post engagement.

3. Keyhole

Keyhole provides real-time hashtag tracking for Instagram, ideal for social media contests, brand events, and other hashtag marketing campaigns. The topic bar shows how many hashtags have been used,as well as popular posts, most attractive posts, and related hashtags that contain hashtags.

4. Instagram Insights

This tool covers impressions, engagement, reach, and popular posts for other metrics. These data can be broken down between months and years, which is the key to historical performance. You can also access information about the type of participant. Therefore, in the followers, you can know the male/female, age group and most of the followers are from where.

5. Squarelovin

Squarelovin's "worst time to post" is a very useful feature that few tools can provide, and it is also possible to classify these times by day. Helps to solve account effects step by step, and use various filters to understand how to affect the effect of posts. Provides monthly analytics to categorize post history by year, Month, Day, and time.

6. Pixlee

Pixlee provides weekly performance reports for your Instagram Analytics account for free to help you find potential influencers that can be used for branding. There are also strong daily data showing the increase in fans, the popularity of tags and so on.

7. Crowdfire

This is a free value-added Instagram analytics service tool that can schedule and publish posts and offers Chrome enhancements to share articles. Think of unlimited recommended articles and photos for free,content management is also great.Crowdfire also provides data analysis,but only data within a day. Use this tool to analyze participants and engagement for the day.

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