Monday, 11 January 2021

2021 small business overseas promotion valuable channels-social media

Social media will play an increasingly important role in supporting the development of small businesses, which is why social media is included in the way it is planned for 2021 and beyond.


Why social media is important for small businesses

In 2020, 47% of internet users aged 16 to 64 worldwide spend more time on social media than in previous years.Users imperceptibly browse information,but also led to the development of e-commerce.This further highlights the value of social media for small and micro businesses.

In a sense, social media has become a window for many businesses, where you can interact with users, promote products, and answer many customer questions about the product.In the coming years, social media will play an increasingly important role in driving sales, providing customer service and increasing brand awareness.

The epidemic has left many small businesses short of funds, and social media can become a new lifeline for small and micro-enterprises in an era of tighter funding than ever before.You can get these features through social media:

Get low-cost brand recognition with free social media accounts or low-budget brand awareness programs
Facebook Ads Instagram ads or Facebook ads targeted reach through tools in specific audience characteristics such as age, gender, salary, location, etc., and so on.
Facebook Facebook events and Facebook groups and other features to promote the event.
Attract your customer service options

How to measure important metrics

People often choose small businesses over large companies because they value the personalized experience and unique characteristics of the business itself.You can use social media to showcase your personality and get to know your customers better while growing your business.

1.Identify important indicators

Before you start running the report, determine which metrics are important to you and your business.For small and micro businesses, bosses may not be impressed by how much praise your post gets-but they will certainly be interested in the sales it brings.

Of course, sales figures are not the only valuable indicator.You can also monitor social media visits to your site, engagement rates for individual posts, and even specific types of engagement, such as retweets and likes.Each metric can provide you with information,and its value depends on whether that information helps you make decisions for your business.

2.Analyze data metrics

Once key metrics have been identified,they can be tracked on a regular basis by building reports that highlight the most important metrics.Skillfully using reports,you can use metrics such as engagement rate, click-through rate, and follower demographics to determine which type of content will resonate with your audience.

3.Make your own personality

On social media, your followers come to offer you products and services-the reason they stay is because they like your style.Think of social media as an extension of a brand's voice, tone, and personality.

4.Use social media to provide signature brand services

Customer service has played a very important role in the brand shaping process, the use of social media to provide customers with brand services, on the one hand allows users to quickly and easily solve the problem, on the other hand can increase the interaction of users and brand social media accounts.


Small business social media essential

Social media is a very valuable channel,small businesses make good use of social media, can make business flourish.Users want to be able to see the real personality of the enterprise on social media, if you just interact through posts and occasional product features, it is difficult to increase the user's stickiness.You should use the characteristics and style of your brand to attract fans, this is the right social media operation.Maidi company engaged in social media operations has more than 10 years of experience, to help all kinds of small businesses successfully shaped a large number of accounts, if you have needs, welcome to consult us~

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